We believe the best measure of success is the satisfaction of our customer. Word of mouth referrals and repeat business account for a high volume of our sales. Browse the testimonials below to read what our customers think about Green Envee products…

As a dietitian, I not only care about what goes into my body, but also what I put on it. I was impressed with the minimal and natural list of ingredients in Green Envee products. I use the sweet vanilla and lavender lip balm to moisten my lips during the windy, harsh Cleveland winters. I also love the Hungarian peppermint and tea tree bar soap. It keeps my skin hydrated and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It smells so good that I keep a bar in my bedroom so I feel like I’m at a spa as its aroma permeates the room!


-Ali P. (Cleveland, OH)

I received my order today and it smells fantastic! I just wanted to say thanks so much for the personal phone call to let me know that my order had shipped. That is above and beyond what I expected and I truly appreciate it. Thanks for your great products, I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.


-Juliette T. (Davison, MI)

The reason we chose to start using natural and organic is because we are really working on living a clean lifestyle and organic skincare products seem like a “no brainer.” With the skin being the largest organ of the body and the face that it absorbs everything we put on it, we decided we wanted to make sure we were using the best products. We chose Green Envee because you guys have a great story. Thanks for the great products and keep up the good work.


-Jill A. (Millbrook, IL)

I began using Green Envee products for my son. Every time he would put the washrag in his mouth during bath time, I would panic. When I saw you guys on WGN and watched you eat your own product, I knew it was safe and I ordered the next morning. Thanks for a great product!


-Heather V. (Lombard, IL)

I purchased the Egyptian Myrrh and Sandalwood lotion which is made with Shea butter, and I must tell you, I have found a new love. It has worked wonders for my extremely dry skin. Better than anything a doctor has prescribed over the years.


-Cindy S. (South Haven, MI)

I am a mother of twin girls, and as soon as I found out that I was pregnant, I was on the search for all natural/organic lotion to use on my girls. I am so glad I discovered Green Envee. I now massage my girls after their bath every night with the Egyptian Calendula and Lavender Soothing Baby Oil, and it leaves them feeling so smooth and soft and smelling so good. It is a very relaxing, light scent, that I truly believe helps them sleep through the night.


-Janice M. (Palatine, IL)

I am currently going through chemo treatment and one of the side effects I have experienced is a very painful, red, and inflamed area on my leg. My wife purchased the Egyptian Myrrh and Sandalwood lotion after having tried countless other products. I was amazed at the results. It is so soothing and has dramatically improved the redness and inflammation on my leg. I am very grateful. Thank you.


-John R. (Des Plaines, IL)

I am a huge fan of your Lemongrass products! I use the lotion every morning after I shower. I use the Lemongrass Rejuvenating Body Oil in the evening on my face and it has impressively reduced the acne I always suffered from. I love how lightweight it is, and it absorbs very nicely into the skin without an oily residue.


-Michelle C. (Plainfield, IL)

My husband and I took our boys on their first camping trip recently. We were about to go out for a hike the first evening we arrived, and we realized we had forgotten our bug spray. My husband never gets bit up, but my boys and I always get countless mosquito bites. I thought for a moment, and realized I can try the Lemongrass lotion, after all, citrus is supposed to help repel mosquitoes. We gave it a shot, and we did not get bit even once! Amazing! This is my new bug repellant!


-Maggie R. (Frankfort, IL)

I received your Eucalyptus and Hemp Bar Soap and your peppermint lip balm as a Christmas gift from my mother. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!! It is hard to find products that work so well. I have used many lip balms, and nothing has felt as good as yours. The bar soaps don’t leave any residue and are not over powering. I just want to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Keep up the good work.


-Katherine W. and Family (Chicago, IL)

I suffer from migraines quite often and a friend of mine turned me on to your Tunisian Rosemary and Peppermint products. I love them! They feel and smell amazing and they help relieve my excruciating head pains. Thanks so much!


-Valerie E. (Yorkville, IL)

I am a yoga instructor and I absolutely love it. My mother bought me your “Chakra Set” including all of the Chakra oils, Vahati Oil, and Vimala Detox Bath Salt for my birthday. Wow! I am so glad she found these, they are amazing. The Detox bath salt smells just like the ocean, LOVE it. I have even purchased another Chakra oil set, which I am going to start using during the classes I teach! Can’t wait to turn more people on to your wonderful stuff!


-Ashley K. (Carlsbad, CA)

My husband bought me the Brazilian Orange gift set for mother’s day, and I have to say I am amazed by what the body scrub has done for my skin. I use it two times a week in the shower and it smells heavenly, but it has truly made my skin look so much younger. It leaves such a soft feeling on my skin, its amazing!


-Megan P. (Santa Monica, CA)

I am a mother of three young boys, and needless to say, I do not get a lot of time to pamper myself. I received your Lemongrass Body Scrub as a birthday gift from a friend, and I could not have asked for a better gift! I wake up early purposely just to have some alone time with the scrub. I am not joking. It feels so good scrubbing off the dead skin. I have not had skin this soft since I was a child.


-Heather S. (San Diego, CA)

After I tried your amazing moisturizing bar soap, my skin would no longer tolerate my old, nasty, drying grocery store soap from the past. My entire family swears by it. We order four of each scent at a time, and our linen closet smells great too!


-Ken B. (Wausau, WI)

I was looking for a perfect last minute gift for close friend of mine. She had just gotten out of the hospital and needed some TLC. I was so glad to see your company ships orders in 24 hours. To my surprise I had your package in my hands the very next day. Amazing! Thanks!


-Maria E. (Milwaukee, WI)

Love the free shipping with $30 purchase. It is so nice to be able to order something online and not get raked with shipping charges. It makes it so convenient to get the products I am addicted to. Thanks!


-Mellissa G. (Seattle, WA)

I have extremely sensitive skin and I am very weary of the products I use. I wanted to start using more natural products and I found your website. I was impressed with the look of it, and decided to try some of your lotion out (I bought the Patchouli Orange). I use it on my face daily; I cannot go a day without it. It really makes my skin smooth and even looking. I have recently received a lot of compliments on my skin and I can only attribute that to you. Thanks!


-Sarah C. (Tempe, AZ)

I have never been a fan of scented body care products because they give me terrible headaches. A friend of mine insisted that I try your Brazilian Orange Lotion. I instantly fell in love. No headache! I realized why when I read the ingredients: Pure Essential Oils without artificial fragrances. So nice to find a company that does not use fragrance!


-Linda A. (Prairie Village, KS)

Love your natural ingredients! I can actually read every ingredient on the label! That doesn’t happen often!


-Julie G. (Muncie, IN)

Thank you Green Envee! My husband was having password issues and it was handled promptly. They called within a few minutes of him sending an email and took his order over the phone. He was even given a discount for the inconvenience. Further, he stated the order was filled and has already been shipped. Thank you for the great customer service!


-Heather V. (Lombard, IL)